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Happy Birthday George Pestana

Happy Birthday George Pestana

Made for George Pestana of the Austin Surf rock band THE NEMATOADS.


2D Animation made in Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects,

The drum of course is based on the drum kit of Ringo Starr of the Beatles.  George’s actual drum kit doesn’t really look this.



Bernard Purdie and The Beatles

Replacing Ringo? The Story Behind Bernard Purdie and The Beatles



“There are four drummers on the Beatles records. Ringo’s not one of them.” So says Bernard Purdie

Taken at face value, this is a bold claim, if not a crazy one.

Purdie also stated: “I overdubbed the drumming on twenty-one tracks of the first three Beatle albums.”

Bernard Purdie is one of the must influential and famous drummers in recorded music history. This author details Purdie’s claims, explains why he said what he did, and separate fact from fiction.