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Mr. Thrill as ELVIS!

Mr Thrill as Elvis
Shot on a Go Pro 4 with a Feiyu Gimbal and edited in After Effects.
Logo made in Photoshop and After Effects.


Dr. Cortney Baker, Executive Leadership Specialist

Doctor Cortney Baker, Executive Leadership Specialist

Shot with a canon DSLR and edited with Adobe Premiere and some Adobe After Effects.


Dr. Cortney Baker is a speech therapist, business owner, entrepreneur, leadership expert, speaker, philanthropist, wife, mother of three, and proud native Texan. She received her doctoral degree from Pepperdine University in Organizational Leadership, where she conducted research on women who had overcome challenges in their careers in healthcare but had achieved incredible success. Cortney has a passion for helping others achieve their greatest potential, specializing in leadership development.

In 2003, Dr. Baker founded KidsCare Therapy. After experiencing the growth and success of the company, Cortney decided to follow her dream of obtaining her doctoral degree. She enrolled in Pepperdine University’s nationally ranked Organizational Leadership program beginning in the summer of 2012. However, on September 18, 2012, Cortney suffered a massive stroke in 2 places at the age of 37. She took the fall 2012 semester off to recover, but in true Cortney Baker fashion, she bounced back and re-enrolled in same program for the Spring 2013 session. She completed her doctoral degree in 2015.

Dr. Baker was named one of the top three finalists for Texas Business Woman of the Year 2014. She has become a much sought-after speaker and executive leadership coach and consultant for those attempting to achieve their full career potential. Cortney brings her humor, wit, experience, and savvy to each situation and is able to help others “just be real”.


I just got to see THIS on the big screen at the Alamo Village theater in Austin Texas:

Uhh No its not “my” film (don’t I wish). I had a very minor part on the crew, a volunteer boom mike operator. But it was time well spent to be a part of something THIS ambitious!

Theres some many dreamers and talkers who BS endlessly about what they’ll do “someday”. And theres people like Maya Glick who organized a Kickstarter campaign to get funding and found Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand to get in there and make it happen!

And DID they make it happen! Amazing quality shooting and CGI effects! And Kick a– acting from Maya and the rest of the cast!









RUBEN, a great independent film

To many young ” filmmakers ” starting out today, they cant remember a time before digital. I bet many can’t remember a time before video TAPE ( of any kind).

To folks like me, I can clearly remember at time when making a film was a nightmarish, overwhelming undertaking. True “film” cost a LOT, and so much as ONE retake could cost you a LOT. You had to write and storyboard so meticulously, and shooting was SO stressful because no student/independent filmmaker could ” fix it in post”.

So if you got a film finished AT ALL it was a major accomplishment. And if you got an independent film finished and it was actually worth watching… well THAT was a rare feat!

And thats why almost EVERY independent film before the late 1990s was Black and White, color was way too expensive and WAYY to easy to get it wrong.

This film, RUBEN, blew me away when I saw it onscreen at the old DOBIE theater at SXSW in the 90s…..

This inspired the still not finished “Fred Movie”. I saw “RUBEN” and said ” I could make something like that”

Ruben (1995)
Director: Urs Baur
Writer: Urs Bauer

Merry Christmas 2015

Getting and sending physical Christmas cards have been a tradition for centuries (or…. maybe just one century!). It didn’t always have so much to do with emotions, family or religion. I think it was sometimes about networking- letting contacts, business acquaintances etc know your new address, reminding them that you’re still around…..

Physical Christmas cards have getting replaced by emails and myspace / facebook posts for almost a decade…..

No you can’t hang emails over your doorway……. but here I am folks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nancy Reed, Comedian




National touring act NANCY REED performs some Hillary Clinton jokes at BRAVE NEW BOOKS on Guadalupe Street in Austin Texas!


It was part of the Alex Jones ” Make Fun of Hillary” Contest.



Shot with a Canon G20 and edited in Adobe Premiere.



Bitter Lacrosse Video

I was hired to shoot the games at the Bitter LaCrosse ” LAX” tournament in Lockhart, Texas ( right outside of Austin, Texas). Shot on a variety of cameras and edited in Premiere and some After Effects.

lax still