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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049


I like Blade Runner 2049 despite its huge flaws.
This world is less crowded than the first Blade Runner. It doesn’t have the banal narration ( that apparently Harrison did so lifelessly in the hopes that it wouldn’t be used?)
As badly written and edited as this second one may be, its a bit better than the first one.
The first one spent so much time on its eye popping anime / “Heavy Metal Magazine” visuals that it was hard to connect with the characters. It was MTV a few years before MTV.
The street hooker who bonds with the hologram….. why did she put a tracker on “K” if shes secretly working for the replicant resistance? She just helped the Corporation FIND Decker. Oh wait, they WANTED Decker dead ( they told K to kill him so he wouldnt lead the authorities to his offspring….
If the replicant resistance doesn’t want Decker to meet his daughter, AND they are also in Las Vegas, why didn’t THEY put a bullet in Decker?
Didn’t K’s flying car get destroyed in Vegas? Then how did he get back to Los Angeles, and HOW did he know what cars Decker was in?
Didn’t K know that he was somehow tracked to Vegas? Then why would he think he or Decker wouldn’t be tracked to the daughters workplace?
What was the point of the hologram Elvis and Marilyn? In a good screenplay EVERYTHING is supposed to mean SOMETHING. Why all the attention to the hologram Sinatra / Elvis etc… to show that replicants are one step above holograms? I thought Ks hologram girlfriend would somehow have something to do with that scene.
We never see Replicants doing any work. WHY have them if not to use them as slaves. And why send K to retire that replicant who went out to the middle of nowhere to farm? What was he hurting out there that the police would be interested in killing him? If he was growing protein and …. garlic- why not LET HIM grow that stuff? ” we think there is a replicant living out in the middle of nowhere growing things to keep us all alive- get find him and kill him!”
“Why??” ” I dunno?”
So IS Decker a replicant? Why would a replicant have semen?
Did they CG Sean Youngs face onto a lookalike actress like they did with Princess leia in Rogue One? And at one point its obviously just another woman dressed up as Rachel.
Was “LUV” in favor or against the idea of a replicant having a baby? It seems like Niander (Jared Leto) fears the power of replicant babies, Luv talks about a replicant baby like its th emessiah. And the cop reacts to th eidea like Dr Zaius fear sthe arrival of Astronaut Taylor in the original APES.
WAYY too much time to see K wandering around Las Vegas and that hotel.
Oh by the way, if the forgettable SOLDIER happens in the same universe as Blade Runner, does this 2049 film take place in the same universe as….”AI”? The enormous stripper statues in this film look a LOT like what we saw in A.I.
This movie was like a directors cut DVD with the deleted scenes kept in.



Connection to Blade Runner

Soldier was written by David Peoples, who co-wrote the script for Blade Runner. Peoples considers Soldier to be a “spin-off sidequel“-spiritual successor to Blade Runner, seeing both films as existing in a shared fictional universe.[4] The film obliquely refers to various elements of stories written by Philip K. Dick (who wrote the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, on which Blade Runner is based), or film adaptations thereof. A Spinner from Blade Runner can be seen in the wreckage on a junk planet in the film.





What I Learned from Blade Runner

What I Learned (about filmmaking) From Watching: Blade Runner (1982

Published on Jun 11, 2016

What can Blade Runner teach us about the art of filmmaking? 1982 was a big year for movies—an existential cyberpunk noir film had a tough time competing with Spielberg’s lovable E.T. and yet, Blade Runner has not only stood the test of time, but it is arguably more popular now than it has ever been. Join me as I take an in-depth look at the construction of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and how its cinematography techniques created such a fascinatingly detailed world. This video is on The Final Cut version of the film.