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you know you’re  a pedicabber when

You know you’re  a pedicabber when

you think agreeing to be somewhere at 11 am constitutes getting up really really early

you don’t own one pair of “mom presentable” underwear

you thought the ventriloquist guy was funny…. at first

there isn’t one spot in the 6th street alleys you haven’t peed

you often find yourself driving a car like a pedicab…. stopping for yellow lights a car could daily beat but a pedicab couldn’t.

if you see someone on a bicycle you have to stare at them to see if you know them from pedicabbing…. and a weird percentage of time…… you do…

you have the set list of the SPAZZMATICS memorized even better than they do… And you’ve been pedicabbing way too long if you can tell if its the A team Spazzmatics or B team replacements.

as much as you claim you’re broke all the time. every once in a rare while, Santa Pediclause will often leave you  a fistful of cash in random sock drawers

the impossible has happened: hot UT coeds grabbing your ass is something you want to avoid happening

you tried getting along with Roman.  Once…..

If you’re just riding your bike and see someone who looks lost , you offer them a ride…..

“On what?”

On….. oh yeah… D’ow!”

you bitch that pedicabbing isn’t as good as when you started. Whenever that was.

ok- keep it going

Pedicab Sennheiser commercial


Pedicab Sennheiser promotional commercial made at SXSW in 2013.


Shot with a Sony VX2100 video camera and edited in Final Cut Pro 7.


Music by the Nematoads.


The Nematoads, Surf Rock Band.

Top Ten stupid Pedicab questions


Created in Adobe flash/ adobe animate, adobe after effects, adobe photoshop and some cinema 4d.  Edited in Adobe premiere.


i have been a pedicabber since April 2001, everyone asks me the same questions.

A pedicab hero a year ago, banned by Trump.

He was a hero last year, now he is losing his job for being Mexican.
Fred Velasquez, the Austin pedicab driver described  as a HERO in several Austin media stories is having his pedicab license taken away because he is a Mexican transplant.  It is because of Trumps war on DACA
He was driving his pedicab in downtown Austin and saw an attempted rape.  He chased down the suspect and turned him into the Police.
He was called a hero is stories such as
Pedicab driver saves woman, chases sexual assault suspect in Downtown Austin

Pedicab Train Crash


Security Camera footage of a pedicab trying to get past a moving light rail train. It didn’t end well. New Years Eve 2014, near the light rail station on 4th street.

Then again it could have been a LOT worse.  Imagine how horrible it would have been if there were passengers in the cab?

The pedicab itself was destroyed and the rider was very traumatized. But no one was hurt, thank god.



Pedicab hero

A Good Samaritan honored in Austin for stepping in to stop a sexual assault in progress downtown.

APD to honor vigilant pedicab driver who stopped downtown sex assault


AUSTIN – A pedicab driver, who helped stop the sexual assault of an unconscious woman and identify the suspect in the incident, will be recognized with a “Distinguished Service” citation by the Austin Police Department Thursday afternoon.

“It’s humbling, I didn’t expert any recognition,” said Palos.

During the early morning hours of May 19, 2016, Pedicab Driver Luis Palos stopped his vehicle after hearing moaning and the sound of a distressed woman near the United States Courthouse on 4th Street. There, Palos said he saw an unconscious woman being sexually assaulted by a man.

“I knew that I had to step in and help,” said Palos.

When Palos asked the man, identified by police as Said Yarrow, 19, if he knew the woman, Yarrow claimed she was his girlfriend – even though he could not tell Palos her name, Austin police said.

Original Story: APD: Pedicab driver stops sexual assault, chases suspect

When Palos offered both the suspect and a victim a ride in his pedicab, the suspect initially accepted, but later hopped out of the vehicle and began to run away.

Palos chased the suspect and requested others on the street to call 911. Police were able to find the wallet of the suspect, containing his identification card. Palos positively identified Yarrow through a photo lineup.

“I thought of my wife, and my sisters, and my mother,” said Palos.

Austin police said Palos’ efforts in the incident were crucial for police to find and arrest the suspect.

“Officers are overwhelmed, and there are many many capable people who are always willing and ready, and I would like to consider myself one of them as well,” said Palos.

The ceremony will take place during the APD Violent Crimes II Meeting in the Old Motorola Building at 2 p.m.

© 2017 KVUE-TV



Homeless Beatdown

Homeless Beatdown


I saw 3 African American men beat up a homeless man on 6th street ( right near the Driskill Hotel) around 1:30 am.

The attackers told me the homeless person did something to them to provoke this. I don’t remember what it was… I think they said he stole a jacket out of their car.

My phone was off when I saw the fight, and the incident was mostly over by the time my phone was active.


EDIT: I checked the info on my phone itself. It says this was recorded:

September 8, 2017 11:57 pm.


106 Old  Pecan Street, Austin Tx 78701 USA