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Kno13ody rap video ruff cuts

Kno13ody rap video ruff cuts


these are NOT finished videos, they are (very) ruff cuts. First passes.



some logos:








Today I shot some scenes for a rap video. It is going to be for Killeen Texas based rap artist “Kno13ody”  for his song “Open My Eyes.”


I although I am producing the video, we shot the green screen shots at “Powerhouse Media Productions” in Del Valle Texas.

Powerhouse Media Productions

They shot with a 4K  Panasonic GH4, with three studio lights in front of a green screen. i am going to key out the green in Adobe After Effects,


MY ADIDAS – The Music Video by RUN DMC

I am curious about this video

Its a “classic” rap song from the 80s BUT- while the photos and graphic style are from that era, the motion and editing seem like its from the 2000’s at least.

Its composed 4:3 instead of 6:9, so it says to me it was done before Hi Def completely took over, maybe this is a fan video made after the 80s but before HD.

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