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Kno13ody music videos, Version 2


Two Kno13ody music videos, with some new additions.

Open Yur Eyes,version 2

“Just call me Kno13ody”  Version 3, with added after effects work/motion graphics

“Just call me Kno13ody”  Version 2,



Facial Close Up:

Shot in 4K with a Panasonic GH 5.

Green screen cleaned up in Adobe After Effects with some frame by frame rotoscoping done in Adobe Photoshop.

“Open Yur Eyez'” scene made in Adobe After Effects.
Shot on a green screen with a Panasonic GH5 and keyed out in After Effects.


Kno13ody rap video ruff cuts

Kno13ody rap video ruff cuts


these are NOT finished videos, they are (very) ruff cuts. First passes.



some logos:







Today I shot some scenes for a rap video. It is going to be for Killeen Texas based rap artist “Kno13ody”  for his song “Open My Eyes.”


I although I am producing the video, we shot the green screen shots at “Powerhouse Media Productions” in Del Valle Texas.

Powerhouse Media Productions

They shot with a 4K  Panasonic GH4, with three studio lights in front of a green screen. i am going to key out the green in Adobe After Effects,


MY ADIDAS – The Music Video by RUN DMC

I am curious about this video

Its a “classic” rap song from the 80s BUT- while the photos and graphic style are from that era, the motion and editing seem like its from the 2000’s at least.

Its composed 4:3 instead of 6:9, so it says to me it was done before Hi Def completely took over, maybe this is a fan video made after the 80s but before HD.

motion graphics, after effects, rap, run dmc