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Fishing /Mechanic videos


Fishing video for “Bass Coach” Ray Tomasits.

Shot with Canon DSLR’s and a waterproof GoPro.


Precision Auto Masters Commercial.

Precision Auto Masters Commercial 725 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas 78247

(210) 525-0044

ACL Locksmith Commercial.

1 (512) 577-0177

ACL Locksmith Commercials 2018


ACL LOCKSMITH Live Action Commercial:


And the same voice over but using Motion Graphics created in Adobe Flash/ Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Adobe After Effects:


Note that the animated one got a lot more youtube hits.

The live action video got 317 views, while the animated graphic spot got 431 views.

The live video version played in a movie theater in Cedar Park, Texas.




ACL Locksmith Motion Graphics Commercial



ACL Locksmith Motion Graphics Commercial.




Graphics made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate ( Flash) and composited in Adobe After Effects.


Matthew Kordelski, ( myself) did the voice, recored directly onto a Samsung Android S7 phone.