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Happy Halloween from MattKProVideo


Happy Halloween from MattKProVideo

Animation made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

The “Happy Halloween from MattKProVideo” lettering was done in Adobe Animate (Flash) and composited¬† in Adobe Animate. I added the old film plug in in After Effects.

Halloween animation

Halloween animation

The “Amityville House” was a traced internet jpeg that I “painted” in Adobe Photoshop.

I found a “crypt font meme generator” on the internet, and typed in the words:

“Happy Halloween from MattKProvideo”


then I took a screen grab and traced the letters in Adobe Flash ( Animate).  Then I combined both elements in Adobe After Effects.

Cleaner version



Thriller Dance Mob



Ballet Austin organized a marvelous dance mob for Halloween 2017. Mon October 30, 2017.

This is them having a short parade from their studio to Austin City Hall, then doing Michael Jacksons THRILLER for the people of Austin.


Shot with a Canon G20 and edited in adobe premiere.  One camera angle was from a Samsung Android phone.