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Long Live the Queen!



<p><a href=”″>FPIA 2016 Finals: Lashonda Lester’s Winning Set</a> from <a href=””>Voltaic Video</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Wonder Woman Trailer


I’m a WW2 buff and wanted to see her the way she was in the old comics, WW2…. but setting this story in World War ONE instead of WW2 is a refreshing change. perhaps they want to avoid comparisons to Captain America or the 70’s TV show?


This looks pretty good!


Dr. Cortney Baker, Executive Leadership Specialist

Doctor Cortney Baker, Executive Leadership Specialist

Shot with a canon DSLR and edited with Adobe Premiere and some Adobe After Effects.

Dr. Cortney Baker is a speech therapist, business owner, entrepreneur, leadership expert, speaker, philanthropist, wife, mother of three, and proud native Texan. She received her doctoral degree from Pepperdine University in Organizational Leadership, where she conducted research on women who had overcome challenges in their careers in healthcare but had achieved incredible success. Cortney has a passion for helping others achieve their greatest potential, specializing in leadership development.

In 2003, Dr. Baker founded KidsCare Therapy. After experiencing the growth and success of the company, Cortney decided to follow her dream of obtaining her doctoral degree. She enrolled in Pepperdine University’s nationally ranked Organizational Leadership program beginning in the summer of 2012. However, on September 18, 2012, Cortney suffered a massive stroke in 2 places at the age of 37. She took the fall 2012 semester off to recover, but in true Cortney Baker fashion, she bounced back and re-enrolled in same program for the Spring 2013 session. She completed her doctoral degree in 2015.

Dr. Baker was named one of the top three finalists for Texas Business Woman of the Year 2014. She has become a much sought-after speaker and executive leadership coach and consultant for those attempting to achieve their full career potential. Cortney brings her humor, wit, experience, and savvy to each situation and is able to help others “just be real”.