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 photo wonder woman 2_zpsty6cv8z3.jpg

A panel from an old and very clever Wonder Woman comic (presumably from the 1940s) photoshopped. I used auto color and brightness to take out the yellowing.

Then I used transform> rotate and then warp to make it “square” again.

I took the pen tool and isolated chunks of the image and paint bucketed and brushed the old color back in.

Wonder Woman Review


I’m too tired to write.


This movie is awesome. So much better than ” Batman V Superman”….. Better than Man of Steel…


I am a comic book buff,  a movie buff AND a WW2 buff. So here is a bit of trivia…. General Ludendorff, the movies villain, was a REAL person.


A right wing WWI hero that ran for president of Germany before WW2 and was supported by the early versions of the Nazi party. Ludendorff was part of the “Beer Hall Putsch” that guy Hitler sent to prison.



Wonder Woman Trailer


I’m a WW2 buff and wanted to see her the way she was in the old comics, WW2…. but setting this story in World War ONE instead of WW2 is a refreshing change. perhaps they want to avoid comparisons to Captain America or the 70’s TV show?


This looks pretty good!