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Will Vinton R.I.P.


BornNovember 17, 1947, McMinnville, OR
DiedOctober 4, 2018
The greatest innovator in American stop motion has unfortunately passed on.
I can remember seeing ads for his ” Rip Van Winkle” movie on HBO ( at my cousins house). I was so happy when I got to see it, it is such a strange and amazing movie.
Vinton went on to what i assume was financial success with his “California Raisins” commercials and TV specials in the 80s.  ( I wonder if they actually sold more raisins because of those commercials?).
A lot of MTV’s videos had his animation in them. I say “his” even though Im sure he had dozens, if not hundreds, of assistants at times.
The amazing stop motion movie ” Coraline” was made by the LAIKA company, which was the remnants of Will Vintons old animation company. I don’t know the whole story, apparently Phil Knight, the owner of NIKE sneakers, invested in Vinton productions and for some reason pushed Will himself out and put his (Knights) son in charge.
I feel bad for Will Vinton in that regard, but theres no denying that CORALINE was amazing and I’m glad it was financed and released.

MY WAY (2011) True story?

I’m a big history / military buff. This is the Korean film about World War Two ( WW2) with the English name “My Way” no not the Frank Sinatra song. Its the Korean translation of Mai Wei. 



I loved this movie. The allegedly true story of two Asian conscripts found on the beaches of Normandy in German Army Uniforms.

The D Day scene is great cinema but terrible history. The German officer with long civilian hair, and the US Paratroopers landing RIGHT ON the beach of Normandy. ( They were supposed to land far from the beach, and even then most landed even further inland.


The true HAIRSPRAY story