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Luke Perry dead







Luke Perry, from the Television show Riverdale  Dylan McKay from  Beverly Hills, 90210, has died at 52 from a massive stroke.



Will Vinton R.I.P.



BornNovember 17, 1947, McMinnville, OR
DiedOctober 4, 2018
The greatest innovator in American stop motion has unfortunately passed on.
I can remember seeing ads for his ” Rip Van Winkle” movie on HBO ( at my cousins house). I was so happy when I got to see it, it is such a strange and amazing movie.
Vinton went on to what i assume was financial success with his “California Raisins” commercials and TV specials in the 80s.  ( I wonder if they actually sold more raisins because of those commercials?).
A lot of MTV’s videos had his animation in them. I say “his” even though Im sure he had dozens, if not hundreds, of assistants at times.
The amazing stop motion movie ” Coraline” was made by the LAIKA company, which was the remnants of Will Vintons old animation company. I don’t know the whole story, apparently Phil Knight, the owner of NIKE sneakers, invested in Vinton productions and for some reason pushed Will himself out and put his (Knights) son in charge.
I feel bad for Will Vinton in that regard, but theres no denying that CORALINE was amazing and I’m glad it was financed and released.

Sean Rouse Dead of Heart Attack?


Excellent stand up comedian Sean Rouse has apparently died of a heart attack.

He was a great comedian but not full of himself. He was always friendly to me and easy to talk to. Why do all the good ones go so soon?




I don’t know all the details yet.


On FACEBOOK Comedian Tom Hester said:

Tom Hester  1 hr ·  nSean Rouse,one of the funniest comics I have ever worked with, has passed. RIP buddy.

Tom Hester He was a dear friend over the many years worked together. He lived in constant pain yet always had a smile on his face. He was a heavy hitter in comedy as well as life and was thrown the worst curve balls and still was one of the best players in the comedy game. Love you and miss you Sean.


Doug Stanhope posted on TWITTER:

I got word that Sean Rouse had a heart attack and it looks bad. I don’t know anyone who is in touch but please keep me updated. I know no other details.





Sean Rouse was born on Thursday, January 16th 1975, and he passed on on Friday, June 29th 2018
His family will have a visitation from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Mon , 8-9-2018 at the Schmidt Funeral Home East Avenue Chapel, in Katy,.
He was born in Birth Place Alief,, Texas to Eugene and Cina McCarthy Rouse