(Beatles Parody Animation) “Norwegian Wouldn’t”


Norwegian Wouldn’t (Beatles Parody Animation)


A parody / homage to the Beatles Saturday morning cartoon show produced by Depathe Freling



I am posting this as an animation fan. I had nothing to do with its creation.

Credit goes to:


Spoon Cartoons

Something that isn’t a Mario cartoon for a change.
Made in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, and Maya.






The series consisted of short animated stories that essentially were intended to set up the visual illustration of Beatles songs that were played in their entirety. In addition, there were sing along sequences with simpler imagery complementing the full lyrics of particular songs.

The series became notorious for its static depiction of the band in their early “moptop-and-suit” look as depicted in the live action film, A Hard Day’s Night, even though the band moved beyond it during the series’ run. The producers did attempt to acknowledge the band members’ contemporary appearances with photographs of them in the series’ title sequences during its production run.

The band members themselves had nothing to do with the series’ production beyond the use of their music recordings. American actor Paul Frees did the voices of John and George while Lance Percival (of the Carry Onseries) did the voices of Paul and Ringo. Frees had been the voice of Boris Badenov in the Rocky and Bullwinkleseries. At first, the Beatles disliked the series.[4] It is reported, however, that the band members enjoyed the cartoons in later years.[5] Their views of the cartoon series discouraged them from participating significantly in the later animated feature filmYellow Submarine. Only when the band saw and were impressed by the Yellow Submarine‘s finished footage did they realize the film was a more ambitious creation. As a result, they agreed to appear in a short live action epilogue for it. In fact, Yellow Submarine producer Al Brodax and director George Dunning were involved in the production both of the animated series and of Yellow Submarine.

Initially, the opening credits theme was a guitar riff from “A Hard Day’s Night” segueing into “Can’t Buy Me Love“, over a cartoon sequence of the group running down a fire escape, echoing a scene in A Hard Day’s Night. The second season’s opening theme was “Help!“, while the third season’s theme was “And Your Bird Can Sing“, over a different cartoon sequence.

Although uncredited, Dennis Marks, along with Jack MendelsohnHeywood Kling and Bruce Howard, wrote all 39 episodes of The Beatles series.

Most of the episodes of the series were produced by Artransa Park Studios in SydneyNew South Wales, Australia[7]and George Dunning’s company TVC Animation in London,[8] with a handful of episodes made in Hollywood,[5] with a crew supervised by veteran cartoon writer John W. Dunn.

The series was an instant ratings hit on ABC in the Saturday morning time slot after it debuted on September 25, 1965 at 10:30 AM ET.[1] It racked up a 13 score (or 52 share), then unheard of in daytime television. The series was sponsored by the A. C. Gilbert Company, the Quaker Oats Company and the Mars Candy Company.[1] For the third season in 1967, the series was moved to Saturdays at noon. For the fourth season, the series was moved to 9:30 AM EST on Sunday mornings.

Originally, the Beatles disliked the cartoon; however, as time went on they grew to like it. In 1972, Lennon commented, “I still get a blast out of watching the Beatles cartoons on TV.” In 1999, Harrison said, “I always kind of liked [the cartoons]. They were so bad or silly that they were good, if you know what I mean, and I think the passage of time might make them more fun now.”[8]

The series was syndicated worldwide on television and cable after the original run ended in 1969. In 1986 and 1987, new generations were introduced to the series when it was rebroadcast in syndication by MTV and also by the Disney Channel. On MTV, the series was shown on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 AM ET or 7 AM PT. On The Disney Channel, the series was shown on Fridays at 5 PM beginning in 1989. Mark Hamill was a guest host of the MTV run of the series in 1987.



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