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BORED IN LA by Maids Day Off

BORED IN LA by Maids Day Off



Animated music video made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash ( Animate) and composited in Adobe After Effects. Edited in Adobe Premiere.

Kinetic Type / Motion Graphics music video for “Maid’s Day Off”  (Brandon Caro and Jordan Tanner).

Music Video Motion Graphics, with graphic and 2D animation elements created with Adobe  Animate (Flash) with  Adobe Photoshop and then composited as  3D Space elements in Adobe After Effects.


I thought this would take a week or so to make. It took me over two months to finish.











Bored in LA Verse

If I tried hard enough to win,
Then gave up again,
The thought alone should be a crime,

Pre-Chorus 1

The only thing I want to be,

Has been forever haunting me,

And I’m aware I’m running out of time,

Chorus 1

I’m bored in LA,

It’s only my second day,

I wanted to say,

It’s going to be OK

Verse 2

I’ve been bold and I’ve been small

And I’ve heard it all,

I’ve called the Devil by her name,

Pre-Chorus 2

The honest truth cuts like a knife,

Right through the center of my life,

And I’m afraid I’ll never be the same,

Chorus 2 \
I’m bored in LA,

It’s only my second day I wanted to say,

It’s going to be OK I’m bored in LA,

I’m high every single day,

I wanted to say,

That I’ll never be OK,

Chorus 3

I’m bored in LA,

And I’ll never change my way,

I’m hoping you’ll say,

It’s going to be OK

Written by Brandon Caro and Jordan Tanner.

Cool 80s animation, “Warriors of the Wasteland”

Is there a more definitive 80s band than “Frankie goes to Hollywood”?

This video combines traditional hand drawn animation with photo collage motion graphics that could easily be done today with photoshop / after effects but back then surely had to be done the old/ much harder way of really cutting and filming the pictures.