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Jesse James TV Logo ( unofficial)

Jesse “Outlaw Biker” James TV Logo ( unofficial)
Not endorsed by Jesse James or his TV producers. This is “fan art”. Made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Mr Thrill as Englebert Humperdinck

Mr. Thrill performs his exciting live Englebert Humperdinck tribute along with a variety of other pop classics.

The crowd at the Square in Georgetown all loved this show!


Strange Dayz, Austin’s premiere Doors Tribute Band


Strange Dayz, Austin’s premiere Doors Tribute Band!

Shot with a Canon DSLR and edited in Adobe Premiere and some Adobe After Effects!

Vic Feazell, Lawyer Commercials

I shot these TV spots for Austin/Waco Texas lawyer Vic Feazell.

I used a Canon G20 camera and edited them in Adobe After Effects. I made the graphics in Adobe Photoshop.



CALL (512) 372-8100

Merry Christmas 2015

Getting and sending physical Christmas cards have been a tradition for centuries (or…. maybe just one century!). It didn’t always have so much to do with emotions, family or religion. I think it was sometimes about networking- letting contacts, business acquaintances etc know your new address, reminding them that you’re still around…..

Physical Christmas cards have getting replaced by emails and myspace / facebook posts for almost a decade…..

No you can’t hang emails over your doorway……. but here I am folks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vanessa & CJ Wedding!

Vanessa CJ Wedding! 31Oct2015 Austin Texas Wedding Video

Vanessa and CJ Gonzalez
31 Oct 2015
Austin Texas Wedding Video
Shot at the lovely ” Texas Old Town” wedding venue in Kyle, Texas!
Check out their awesome ” Day of the Dead” cake!


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