George A Romero to get a Star on the Hollywood WALK OF FAME

Every horror movie fans idol, George A. Romero will be getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

He is also the idol of every wanna be independent filmmaker who has heard of him. He used the 16mm cameras and crew from his TV commercial production company and a shoestring budget to make a micro budget but very memorable film, ” Night of the Living Dead”!

Well shot and well written. Romero also sought out the best actors he could get, which set ” Night of the Living Dead” apart from most other low budget horror movies. The film isn’t nearly as gorey or bloody as its reputation might suggest, just some extras covered in chocolate syrup and chewing on lamb bones. I have also heard that this is a case of someone botching the copyright and thousands of entities have exploited this film but none of the original producers made a dime.


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