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Health and Dental Commercial


Health and Dental Video Commercial for Jamie Johnson Insurance



A youtube TVĀ  commercial made for Jamie Johnson Insurance in San Antonio, Texas.


Made in conjunction with


Made with Adobe Illustrator, Some Adobe Photoshop, some Adobe After Effects and edited in Adobe Premiere.

The flying red arrow was created in Adobe Animate ( Flash).




Struggling to find the best health and dental coverage?

Allow a licensed insurance professional help you get affordable personalized coverage.

Full coverage or supplemental insurances may have less limitations based certain providers or premiums.

Contact the Jamie Johnson Insurance Agency to get your individual needs covered.


Jamie Johnson Insurance, Open Enrollment,


Jamie Johnson Insurance, “Open Enrollment” video commercial

This is a youtube commercial I produced for Jamie Johnson Insurance in San Antonio, Texas.

Written by Jamie Johnson and Viviane Maguire of Viv-Design.

The voice over was done by Matthew Kordelski.




It shot the video parts with a Canon G20 camcorder. I edited with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. The moving red arrow was animated in Adobe Animate ( Flash).

Adobe After Effects.

Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Animate ( Flash).

Matthew Kordelski‘s imdb page.