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2 Bills. Cosby versus Clinton


Bill Cosby versus Bill Clinton.

I saw a meme floating around facebook asking why Bill Clinton is applauded while Bill Cosby is now a convicted rapist.

There is a big difference. I don’t think Clinton used knockout drugs. I’m pretty sure most of his encounters were consensual. Inappropriate yes, but mostly consensual.

Consensually fooling around when you’re married, and when you’re a Governor and PRESIDENT, its also quite scummy. Rape is wrong. Just as wrong for liberals and conservatives.

But lets discuss the difference between Cosby and Clinton. Clinton was a powerful dynamic attractive man who forgot to say NO many many times when he should have known better. But in MOST reported cases these star struck women came to HIM. Cosby lied from the get go, told women he was going to audition them for his G Rated TV show and snuck them knock out drugs. I see a HUGE difference.

I don’t get why these millionaires who have a naughty itch to scratch don’t just call Heidi Fleiss?

I can’t say I’m “pro prostitiution” but better that than rape or sexual harrassment.

Heidi’s girls know from the get go whats what and know they have to shut up.





Bill Cosby routing about doping women with “Spanish Fly” on a 1969 Comedy Album

This routine appeared on his “Its True! Its True!” Album.


How ironic that in answer to the rumors that Bill Cosby was a rapist, he all but admits it on an album called “Its True”!