Fort Leonard Wood, 1965

Drill Sergeant 1965 US Army; Fort Leonard Wood



This is amusing as a time capsule and amusing at what Bulls–t it is.

I went to Fort Leonard Wood for Basic in 1988. The brown brick barracks looked the same. Everything else was different.

Drill sergeants are ” Father, friend, big brother”???. Umm no they were drill sergeants. SOB’s but thats what the role is. That BS about the drills hanging out with the recruits ( after hours!) and playing chess and ping pong with them? I can’t picture Drill Sgts EVER doing that in any time frame. I think this is PR propaganda for the parents about to send their sons off. Or maybe this was made to be shown in High Schools to get seniors to sign up.

At 5 25. The closest I ever came to that pool was crawling the woods to the left of screen.

At 23.24 I am almost positive that was MY barracks. It looks identical. BUT then again, all military barracks look almost identical.

This video was made way after my day.  Probably also made to recruit High Schoolers.. but its much more realistic:


THIS is what I remember:



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