Tournament MMA fighter needed

I am an Austin video shooter who needs some MMA tournament footage on his demo reel.If you’re a martial artist lives somewhere between Austin and San Antonio and are about to compete in a tournament, I would love to capture some Hi Def footage of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, any age ( but if you’re under 18 I’m gonna need your parents permission).I was one of the main shooters on THIS MMA documentary:
But I don’t have the rights to that footage, and that stuff is old ” Standard Def” and not the newer Hi Def. 
I can not pay you, but neither am I asking to be paid. I think I can offer a trade out. If you are also a stunt person/ actor or in some way want a professional video demo, I will reshape the footage I shoot and make you some kind of demo video for you for FREE.
( Yes I’ll also take publicity stills/ head shots).
Some Pro Wrestling footage I shot:
A high school basketball tournament I shot:
email me at mattkprovideo at yahoo dot com









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