BlackMagic Color Grade

For a recent wedding shoot I had a freelancer use a Black Magic  camera. I have heard very good things about that camera, how the footage looks just like 35mm motion picture film!  I was very excited. And I was a bit nervous how that footage would mix in when edited in with footage with my other cameras.

It was so much smaller than I thought it would be.

What I saw in the viewfinder screen concerned me, everything was a dull desaturated greenish grey.  The camera operator told me to relax, that all blackmagic footage looks like that until color graded in Davinci Resolve.

Well I don’t have Davinci Resolve. I ran the footage through Adobe After Effects and added an adjustment layer with AUTO COLOR and a lot of vibrancy came back into the image.

Then I added “Brightness and Contrast”. Lowering the Brightness and increasing the Contrast helped even more.

It still didn’t look right.

I added a third adjust layer and used HUE AND SATURATION and increased the saturation of the reds and blues and it started to look like the other cameras.

I set it to render then read THIS article:


It says I should have used  Effects>Synthetic Aperture.

Hmm I will have to try that on the next shots. So far I am not that impressed.  It seems just like my video footage, not this marvelous film look I was expecting. Then again it is most likely the problem is my limited experience with color grading footage from the BlackMagic, and not the camera itself.

Hellen and Ruben

November 25, 2017 • Cedar Park, TX


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