SEO thoughts

I am no expert on making a website thats easy to find on google. I am not an expert on Search Engine Optimization.

But I did figure out one small technique that might help.

Whenever I finish a video project I want to share it on youtube so my clients can see it, or THAT is its final destination.

However, I dont send folks the youtube link directly. I post the youtube file onto my website first, then I share the web page on facebook. That way I get more hits on my website.

Such as:

If I sent just the youtube link, I might get a lot of youtube hits. But If I send out my web addresss, people have to go to my website first, upping the web pages hit count. I get web hits but when they click on the video I get the youtube hits as well.


That is a wedding video.  I posted it to the brides facebook page and within 20 minutes it had over 20 hits.  An hour later it had almost 50 hits.   All her friends and family were eager to see her wedding reel. So they all rushed to my website.  Just a youtube post wouldnt draw anyone to my website.  I made it so that all those people had to go to my wedding video website to get to the youtube video.  They could  now  click on the youtube link and just share that. But I don’t think they will/ We will see, its only been one day.

I really want people interested in getting a web video produced will find me. I shoot video, edit it and create animations.  I hope if someone does a google search on “video production austin” or  “video production san antonio”  will find me and hire me.


I am also reading articles like:


This isn’t my youtube video, but I like what it has to say:




I just went to :


and tested my three websites.

this one,  ( my website about animation and video production)    ( my alleged high end wedding video website).


and   ( which is supposed to be my website for lower cost wedding video services).


I would think my website would rank highest, the mattkprovideo would be second and the simple low end wordpress wedding site would be last.

Not so fast


the low end wedding video site ranked highest:  got a POOR mobile device ranking. 62 / 100

but a “Needs Work  76 / 100″ on desktops.    got “Poor  33 / 100″  for mobile and  “Poor 30 / 100″ for desktop computer users.


wow. a lot of work to do.








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