Artex vulture, made in flash and after effects

Arties vulture, made in adobe flash and adobe after effects.


With a nod to being honest. I did not do the character design myself. I simply googled: “Cartoon Vulture”  and got:



And of course, the logo is a parody / homage / (rip off?) of the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes logo from a thousand classic cartoons.  I changed it from red to blue, to distinguish it from Looney Toons and I thought it was a better color compliment to the yellow letters.

The blue circles were “painted” in Adobe Photoshop and turned into a dozen 3D space layers in Adobe After Effects. The letters are yellow helvetica with a white stroke around them. And then a black stroke around that. I rasterized the letters and individually tilted them using the lasso and transform tool.


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