Star Trek Ahead of Its Time

Top 10 Times Star Trek Was Way Ahead of Its Time

I so love this list.  When I watch watch Star Trek reruns in the 70s, ALL of the technology was fantasy.

Even the automated doors.  I can remember as  acid most grocery stores had old style hinged doors, but more and more were started to add “futuristic” automatic sliding doors.  As kids we loved to play with them, jumping on the pad to get the electronic doors to open ”like on star trek”.

When cell phones arrived in the late 90s, we were like “ we finally have star trek communicators….

Sure, it was always  the tendency of electronics to keep getting smaller and better. Big military and Police  radios were too expensive and too big for regular people. But maybe one day inventors could make “radios” like that available to regular folk.  And Star Trek put ideas like that into engineers minds,  Star Trek had the idea, not the science, to do it. Engineers could take Star Trek ideas and build the science into it.

Star Trek had desktop computers 30 to 40 years before the real world did.  PADD’s….. iPads…


We don’t have replicators but we have the beginnings of 3D printing. We don’t have warp drive but…. well we’re nowhere near THAT, but who knows, maybe some day…


One thing this list forgot to include is that in the sixties, medical technology on Star Trek was pure fantasy. You could see a patients vital signs on computer screens. That didn’t exist then but its common place now.

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