Scientology Big Blue Los Angeles

I made a 3D model of a famous building in Los Angeles. Made in Cinema 4D with some pieces of the model made in Photoshop and Illustrator.



I’ve had the idea to a documentary, or more accurately, a best of/”readers digest” of the hundreds of videos about Scientology that inhabit Youtube.

Who knows if I’ll ever get around to making it/  I’ve also offered these graphics to another producer  who’s working on a Scientology documentary.

”  Los Angeles, California, has the largest concentration of Scientologists and Scientology-related organizations in the world, with the church’s most visible presence being in the Hollywood district of the city. The organization owns a former hospital on Fountain Avenue which houses Scientology’s West Coast headquarters, the Pacific Area Command Base — often referred to as “PAC Base” or “Big Blue”, after its blue paint job. Adjacent buildings include headquarters of several internal Scientology divisions, including the American Saint Hill Organization, the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles, and the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles. All these organizations are integrated within the corporation Church of Scientology Western United States.

The Church of Scientology successfully campaigned to have the city of Los Angeles rename one block of a street running through this complex “L. Ron Hubbard Way.” The street has been paved in brick.

I’ve never been a Scientologist, but I’ve been long fascinated by the stories, good and bad, about this group!



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