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Bohemian Rhapsody movie review


Bohemian Rhapsody was excellent. The lead actor was amazing…. but the script was following the stock music bio pic formula….

Band gets together, montage of them on tour with the names of the cities they’re touring in flies across the screen..

I wonder if it wasn’t just ONE concert they filmed but had the actors say ” we love you pittsburgh!”  ” We love you Chicago!” ” We love you Boston!”

Mercifully they DIDNT do the montage of their record going up the billboard charts… or the map of the cities they go to….


I had heard BORAT wanted to play Freddie Mercury, but Rami Malek is excellent.

I’d seen Remi in THE PACIFIC…. and thought he looked enough like Freddie….

He had clearly studied the crap out of Freddie Mercury. He had the voice and flamboyant body patterns DOWN. I hope he gets an Oscar nomination. I am assuming he was wearing some kind of dental prosthetic, which helped him talk more like Freddie Mercury.

Gwilym Lee looked so much like Brian May I thought it WAS HIM.


Theres a WAYNES WORLD joke hidden in this that I wonder if most on the audience would catch.  A record exec says that “Bohemian Rhapsody” is not the kind of song that young men would sing along to in their cars.

That record exec was played by MIKE MEYERS, ( under a lot of clever make up) who of course played Wayne in WAYNES WORLD, which has a scene of Wayne and Garth singing along to “Bohemian Rhapsody” in their car.

The Shots of Queen playing Wembley for LIVE AID were great, but the reverse angle, as if the camera was on the back of the stage, looked SO green screened in it was distracting.