Dallas Police or the FBI?

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something new and unique to say- or even ask, about the Kennedy assassination that hasn’t been said before.

Every time I post what I think is a new observation, someone points out
“Oh that was covered in so and so’s book decades ago”

Here is my latest attempt to come up with something new…

Conspiracy theorists say that because the FBI took control of JFK’s body, and that the Warren Commission was a National investigation that superceded local Dallas investigations- that THAT proves there was a coverup.

So, the FEDERAL government taking charge stopped the truth from coming out?

If there was no Warren Commission. no FBI involvement in the case, and only the Dallas Police- and perhaps the Texas Rangers- conducted the investigation, what would have been different?

Are there witnesses, documents or physical evidence that the Texas cops could have found that the Warren Commission didn’t?

Couldn’t the Dallas police do almost everything the FBI did? Question witnesses, test fire Oswalds rifle and pistol….etc

Couldn’t the Dallas City Police cover up anything nefarious happening in Dealey Plaza. 10th and Patton, the Texas Theater or the Jail basement just as well, if not better, than the FBI?

The Dallas Police and Texas Rangers have firing ranges of their own, don’t they? They have skilled Detectives of their own, don’t they?

Jack Ruby said he wanted to be taken to Washington DC because he was afraid of something in Dallas.

The CIA, Secret Service and FBI are all headquartered in Washington DC aren’t they? If it was U.S .intelligence forces Ruby feared, how does being moved CLOSER to them protect him?

If the killing of JFK really did originate from the Federal Intelligence agencies, why not let the investigation stay in the hands of the Texas cops?

They could dig and dig forever IN TEXAS and never find anything implicating Federal agencies, could they?

Texas Law enforcement doesn’t have the power to investigate foreign countries like Cuba or Russia.

If the investigation had stayed in the hands of Texas cops, Conspiracy Theorists would say that former Texas Senator Lyndon Johnson was controlling things.

Although I kind of suspect that if Liberal Democrat Lyndon Johnson tried to get the Police and Municipal Government of Ultra conservative Republican dominated Dallas Texas to help him in anything criminal- I don’t think they’d go along with it. I think they would hold a press conference exposing him.

Yes, LBJ had friends and allies in the Texas Senate, but I don’t see what sway he would have held over anyone in Dallas.

If the killing of JFK and subsequent cover up was the work of the CIA and or the FBI, then riddle me this Batman…:

Who decided on the parade route? Someone in the federal government or was it someone in the Dallas government?

Who surrounded the Presidential limousine? Federal agents or local Dallas motorcycle policemen?

Who ran up the knoll? A Federal official or a Dallas cop?

Who was on the railroad bridge? A Federal official or Dallas cops?

Who ran into the Book Depository and saw Oswald on the 2nd floor? A Federal official or a Dallas cop?

Who found the rifle, bullets and paper bag? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Who was at Tenth and Patton, a Federal Agent or a Dallas Policeman?

Who swarmed the Texas Theater? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Who arrested Oswald in the theater? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Was Oswald taken to some kind of a Federal facilty or a Dallas Police facility?

Who arrested the 3 tramps? The Federal Police or Local Dallas Police?

Who conducted the bulk of the initial investigation? Who interviewed witnesses, collected evidence, went to Ruth Paines house, Oswald’s boarding house…. etc ? The FBI or Local Dallas Police?

If the Dallas Police had a hand in any sort of cover up, why didn’t they IMMEDIATELY wheel Kennedy’s body into a locked room and not let the FBI or Secret Service know where he was? If you believe the Feds or the local Police threatened witnesses into changing their stories to conform to the “Oswald Did it- Alone” narrative, why didn’t anyone stop the Parkland Doctors from saying they thought the bullets came from the front?

You’re planning to shoot someone in Dallas, and you’re planning to cover it up, but it doesn’t occur to you that your shooting victim would be taken to the nearest hospital, Parkland?

The Dallas Police were in full force at the Trade Mart, where Kennedy was going to eat lunch. Instead of a complex shooting plot, why not have ONE Dallas cop just slip some poison into JFK’s lunch?


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