A second gunman?

The audio subcommittee of the 1978 HSCA thought they were 98% sure they heard the echoes of a 4th shot from the knoll that missed on a police radio recording. This led to the myth that the HSCA said “we’re 98 % sure there was a conspiracy. The HSCA said no such thing. All the other subcommittees found that all the shots came from Oswalds rifle in the sixth floor snipers nest.

Yes, there are completely credible witness who said they thought shots came from the knoll, just as there are valid witnesses who say they the shots came from the left side of the railroad overpass, the right side of the overpass, the sewer opening, the Dal Tex building, even from inside the limo itself.

They all can’t be right, most of them must be wrong.

There was a cop and railroad employees on the railroad overpass, and even though one of them thought he saw a puff of smoke from the knoll, NONE of them heard or saw a rifleman ON the either side of the overpass. (Something that would have happened right next to them and it’s impossible they wouldn’t have seen and heard). It would have been almost impossible for a rifleman to have gotten y into and out of the sewer opening.

IF there was a conspiracy it surely would have had to have involved the Dallas Police. Thus the cop on the bridge would surely had to have been”in on it” and surely would have stopped the overpass men from rushing to investigate the grassy knoll.

That cop did no such thing – I’m fact he went with them, further disproving a conspiracy. The overpass cop and railroad men also would have been in the absolute perfect position to see the mysterious rifle hand off that Ed Hoffman claimed to have seen ( they reported no such thing) and they also would have seen the mysterious government agent “the lady in red” said she saw. They saw no such person, and there are pictures of the “lady in red” sitting down when she claims to have run up the knoll to see this mysterious person.

The railroad men were definitely there and didn’t see any shooters on either side of the overpass and when they ran to the knoll none of them saw any people, or evidence of a shooter ( a rifle or shells).

A pre civil war rifle would produce a visible “puff of smoke” but I can’t imagine a 1963 era rifle , whether used by the mafia or anti Castro militiamen, much less a CIA hit man, wouldn’t use smokeless ammunition


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