Photoshop Mixer brushes

Photoshop Question.

On older versions of Photoshop I could “paint” with the brushes, change colors and paint some more/different colors, then select certain “mixer brushes” to blend parts of my digital painting together.

For certain projects I do not WANT it to look clean and “professional” and “digital-ey.” Sometime I WANT it to look rough and painter-ley….

In fact I got so good at using mixer brushes that many of my clients couldn’t tell I faked the “paintings” in photoshop, they thought I really painted something on canvas.

With the newest update to Photoshop, I can’t find the various mixer brushes I’ve been using for years.

All I can find ( or at least all I can use) is the finger smudge tool and ONE mixer brush.

When I go to mixer brushes and try to select different ones, it pushes me back to the paint brush pallette.

I am sure there is some obscure setting or option button I am missing.

Anyone else have this problem? Any thoughts on what I should do?


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