Oswald and Elvis….


Random thought(s) on Oswald and Elvis….

Lee Harvey Oswald was a government intelligence agent/ asset in the same way that Elvis Presley was a drug enforcement agent.

After he died it was discovered Elvis had a drug enforcement agency badge…..

Theres a paper trail connecting Elvis and Presidents Nixon and Ford.

Why would the FBI and numerous local and state police agencies have confidential files kept on him?

Why is there evidence that Elvis’s autopsy documents have been suppressed and or altered?

Why is there evidence that Elvis used fake names and pseudonyms while travelling? Isnt that proof that Elvis was involved with law enforcement work?

Now….. I’m being facetious.

If you know anything about pop culture you already know there are simple and very believable explanations for all of this.

Lots of people like to collect odd and eclectic things.

Elvis’s friends said he collected Police badges from all around the country. He was Elvis, and who would say no to Elvis if he asked to get/buy a souvenier badge.

Elvis most likely DID write to Presidents Nixon and Ford. He wanted to meet with those Presidents ( who wouldnt?) and he probably wanted a DEA badge for his collection.

When Elvis career started, his hyper sexual dancing and “race mixing music” was felt to be a threat to the status quo. I’m sure many law enforcement agencies were collecting info on him in case they got a chance to arrest him.

But that was in the 50’s. By the 70’s Elvis was old news and I doubt he was considered a threat to white America anymore. I don’t think any white cops in the South in the 1950’s would let Elvis have a souvenier badge.

But I bet a lot of younger cops in the early 70s, when Elvis was probably considered tame compared to the wilder celebrities big then…. would love to meet Elvis and give him a souvenier.

Is it paranoid to think the FBI has files on EVERYBODY? Maybe. Is it paranoid to believe that the FBI kept files on a superstar like Elvis? No, I’m sure they were watching him, just in case.

Elvis’s original autopsy said he died of heart failure. Later investigations showed it was an overdose of prescription drugs.

Did Elvis’s people try and get the Memphis coronor to protect his image and say it was heart failure and not a drug overdose? We’ll never know for sure- but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Aren’t peoples medical records supposed to be private and confidential? Wouldn’t that explain why his medical records are suppressed?

And who’s to say that Elvis didn’t die of both things? Heart Failure….. exasperated by excessive prescription drugs?

If you were Elvis Presley, wouldn’t you ask your tour managers to book you into hotels under fake names to avoid to throngs of fans?

Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t any kind of celebrity or a person of any kind of importance. At least not in reality. But in Oswalds delusional mind? Didn’t Oswald have a history of wild irrational acts and outrageous publicity stunts? Did he think of himself as some kind of superstar about to be discovered?

When he defected to Russia, I highly suspect that the FBI, and maybe/probably the CIA as well, started a file on him. I doubt there was much in this file: his name, age, his Marine records, any military information he might have acquired….. any biographical info they could dig up, I suspect they later added any info they could glean from when he was IN Russia. That reporter who spoke to him…. the state department personnel who met him at the embassy.

I also supect that the KGB was also watching Oswald. I bet they originally thought he might be a US spy, then probably realized their original impression of him- that he was a flake and a nobody, was correct. They were probably happy to be rid of him when he asked to go back to America. And I suspect that the state department was mildly relieved to get him out of Russia before he did something crazy to embarrass America.

Yes the FBI had Oswald on a watch list when he moved back to Texas. But there wasnt any reason to believe he was an active threat to anyone. I suspect that the Dallas FBI was more concerned with Right wingers like the KKK and the John Birchers, that DID have a history of threatening violence.

There are two theories on Oswald, ONE: that he was an intelligence asset, or that…. TWO…. he was a flake under the delusion he was a spy for somebody and that he needed fake ID for his imporant spy missions.

The fake ID found on Oswald when he was arrested? The seletive service ID found in his wallet? Did the FBI make it for Oswald or did Oswald make it himself?

Oswalds Selective Service card had a photo on it. Selective Service cards never had photos on them. Wouldn’t the FBI or the CIA or whoever know that? If the government was going to make fake ID for an undercover operative- wouldnt they create a fake Drivers License and or a fake Social Security card, and not a draft card? Who ever used their draft card to identify themselves? When is the last time any of you males showe someone your draft registration card? Do you know where your draft card even is? I have no idea where mine might be.

I havent even thought about it in decades.

If the FBI did for some odd reason think their “spy” needed a fake draft card, wouldn’t they know to NOT put a photo on it?

When I took graphics arts classes in high school, all of us would make funny spoof ID’s, stick our faces on hundred dollar bills or magazine covers. Who am I kidding? I STILL do crap like that! (LOL!),

Oswald pretended he was Alek Hidell revolutionary super-agent, in the same way that Andy Kauffman pretended to be Tony Clifton.

As far as Kenendys autopsy info being suppressed.

I think its entirely possible that the Dr’s were politely asked by the Kennedy family to ignore evidence of illnesses and or embarassing diseases that John F Kennedy might have had.

The rough drafts of the wound locations quickly notated by the Parkland Emergency room doctors versus the wound locations written down by the Bethesda Doctors taking their time to more precisely note the bullet holes?

Why would “The Conspiracy” order the Bethesda Doctors to lie and participate in a cover up, but they didn’t think to try and coerce the Parkland Doctors?


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