Elvis’s “That’s All Right Momma”- animated


Elvis Presley – That’s All Right (Official Music Video)

How to make an animated music video for a long dead performer?

Old documentary footage? Look alikes? Interpretive dance? Or maybe…. computer animation?!?

This is good but not great. Could I do better? No…. but I think the King deserves better.

The CGI Elvis model captures his likeness, but why have such an exciting performer – known for his over the top body movements more than the music itself, just sit in a car looking out the window?

I know this is very Early Elvis, way before the Karate kickin Vegas period, but he was still known for his outrageous body language.

Why not have this CGI animated Elvis performing in a juke joint- gettin’ his infamous groove on?

Look at the amazing CGI animation Baz Luhrman mixed in with live action in his new movie?

The real Elvis Presley is just sitting on a stool in this performance, but look how lively he moves while allegedly sitting still?


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