Smoke from the grassy knoll?

Some of the Dealey Plaza witnesses to the JFK assassination ( on Nov 22nd 1963) say they saw “a puff of smoke” coming from the grassy knoll. Indicating a shooter other than just Lee Harvey Oswald.

Look at the barely noticeable “whisp” of smoke seen from a 6.5 Mannlicher Carcano rifle being fired at an indoor rifle range ( with no wind present) in 2022:

(Recorded on video on May 22, 2022)

Even the huge puffs of smoke from this historical reenactors powder rifle (outside the actual Alamo shrine in San Antonio, Texas) quickly disappears into the wind. And Nov 22, 1963 was said to be a windy day.

(This historical reenactor was video-ed January 22, 2022)

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