LBJ’s mistress at assassination meeting

A woman named Madeline Brown claims she was President Lyndon B Johnson’s mistress, she also once claimed that her son was LBJ’s illegitimate love child.

Her most important claim is that she claims she was present at a meeting the night before the Kennedy assassination happened. She said that after this meeting LBJ said to her “After tomorrow those Kennedy boys will never bother me again! That’s a fact.”

Was Madeline Brown actually LBJs mistress???
Who knows?

Did she really have LBJ’s love child? I have no idea.

But even so – why on Earth would she be allowed to attend a “pre assassination meeting”?

And if for some crazy reason she WAS there, wouldn’t they Have threatenen her to stay silent about it?

Let’s suppose that LBJ didn’t yet know what this meeting was about and just happened to have Ms. Brown with him… wouldn’t the ringleaders of this nefarious affair tell LBJ “ have her wait in the car- we can’t have an outsider like her here tonight”??? Wouldn’t the plotters have told LBJ “come to this meeting-ALONE”

Don’t Vice Presidents also have secret service agents following them at all times, just like the President? Where were THEY during this supposed meeting?

And if her story were true, and she told her tale many times, wouldn’t she have been “offed” the second she spoke of this secret meeting?
Why wasn’t she at the top of the “mysterious deaths” list?

Also look at her whole story.

She says that LBJ , J Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon and HL Hunt were present at this meeting At Clint murchisons house in Dallas.

It has been proven beyond any doubt that the night before the assassination that LBJ was still in Houston with his wife AND Kennedy himself.

It has been proven that Hoover was back in Washington, DC that night. Could J Edgar Hoover have landed at Love Field, Dallas’s only airport, and not been noticed by anyone? And why would he need to be there in person for this meeting? Would he stay as far away from the scene if the crime as possible?

Amazing coincidence- Richard Nixon WAS in Dallas the “assassination weekend” but not at Hunts house. He was working as a private lawyer at a Pepsi cola convention, with Robert Clary “LaBeau” from Hogans Heroes and Joan “no wire hangers” Crawford also in attendance.

Why in the world would the plotters want or need Nixon there? I don’t think Nixon “hated” Kennedy, but he WAS Kennedys political rival ( he just lost a Presidential race to Kennedy) and I can think of no reason for him to be involved?

In fact, I would think Kennedy and LBJ’s Presidential competition would be the LAST person the plotters would want to have knowledge of their upcoming crime. Why give their opposition such powerful info that could be used as “ammunition” against them?

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