Adobe Animate Tutorial: Crack an Egg

Adobe Animate Tutorial: Crack an Egg

This tutorial was created by pointing the video camera at my screen as I used Adobe Animate ( Adobe Flash).

Alright folks.

here is my first attempt at a tutorial

How to make an animated egg

Go to:  FILE > NEW

I like to work at 1920 by 1080

Eggs are OVAL. So lets go to the OVAL tool.

Draw an egg.

Although in my experience eggs aren’t a perfect oval.

So I am grabbing the SELECTION tool.

Concaving it in

Its a cracked egg so…. The first frame is a whole egg.

Hit F6 to add a second frame where I’m going to add the cracks

I grab the line tool.

Make some cracks in the egg

Remove the extra lines

Hit F6 again

COPY. Hold it down

Copy frames. Don’t just copy the image. Copy frames

Now lock off this layer

Create a new layer.

Paste it.

I’m going to name this one egg bottom

And then… Egg Top.

F6 on the TOP layer

We have the Egg BOTTOM locked off.

And now we’re going to do the Egg Bottom

Turn the EYEBALL off

Since this is the top egg grab your SELECTION tool again

Go Back up to Egg TOP

This is just the top part of the egg

we’re going to get rid of the egg bottom. Select it

Get rid of  our black lines

Same thing here. Egg bottom. Get rid of the top

However if you look at it all at once. You’ve got a solid egg.

What I’m doing now is grabbing the top and bottom egg

F6 to add a frame and now I’m starting to crack the egg open, bit by bit.

Grab the bottom one, move it down a little


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