Max McIntyre Bikini Model

The above is bikini model demo video for Texas model and photographer Max McIntyre   ( aka  Katherine Leigh Mehta ) .

Max McIntyre,  ( aka  Katherine Leigh Mehta) is  the woman accused of being drunk at a wedding she was supposed to be the photographer at.

This is the professional photographers”facebook for business” page for Katherine Leigh Mehta ‘s  wedding photography page.


I hope Katherine Leigh Mehta can work past this. Her wedding photography and pictures of newborn babies are quite good.

She is also accused of having sex with a wedding guest before she was arrested.

Ms. McIntyre apparently claimed she was roofied against her will.


The wedding took place at THE SPRINGS, Weatherford Wedding Venue:


We should all bear in mind that nothing has been proven yet. It is all just accusations, tawdy headlines and internet gossip,  The full story is still to be revealed in the future.

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