Best Films of 2017

Best films of 2017

3 Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri


Get Out


Lady Bird – ok but its a indie….


Shape of Water

Wonder Woman

Blade Runner 2049

Big Sick

The Post

Disaster Artist

Thor Ragnorok

I Tonya



Silence WAYYY too long

War for the Planet of the Apes

Den of Thieves, a copy of HEAT

John Wick: Chapter 2  amusing popcorn movie

  Spider-Man: Homecoming 


The Florida Project

Justice League


My random thoughts on watching LAST JEDI again:

Poe taking on the dreadnoughts all by himself- awesome- class  star wars…. Poe toying with General Hux on the radio- how very Han Solo

The asian resistance girl grabbing the remote and releasing the bombs on the dreadnought- very well directed and edited.

All these complaints about it being too much “SJW” (social justice warrior)…. I don’t mind that AT ALL.

Why have all the small parts played by women and racial minorities? WHY NOT have as many women and different races wherever you can? WHY keep it just white males as both the good guys and the bad guys?  With anyone else who isn’t a white male being just some kind of bug or animal?

In the modern military you’ve got an extreme mix of races and genders working together. This would br doubly so in a rag tag resistance.

Luke tossing aside the light saber?

The new Lucasfilm tossing aside that we’ve come to expect from the old Star Wars?

Luke milking the beasts teat for all that he can?  Disney milking Star Wars teat?

Shooting on a real Irish island with lots of natural exotic beauty instead of the green screen cgi eye candy old George would surely have given us? Brilliant idea ( of JJ Abrams).  God is always the best lighting director and he’s also the best production designer.  His work is always so…. organic and natural.

Kylo’s conflicted resistance to shooting his mother? excellent dramatic conflict. Leia being sucked into space? I thought “ Ok, Carrie Fisher just died… I guess this is how they’re going to deal with that. This is how Leia dies”  It sure seemed like CGI as she was sucked into the vacuum of space.

But no- she wakes up in space…. her body somehow DOESNT implode in the vacuum, and she flies back to her ship. Hello? No jedi, not Luke, not the Emperor, not even Yoda and the old Knights could do anything like that.  And Leia, who is apparently “force sensitive” but never did any Jedi training, could do this nonsensical thing?

What kind of an admiral wears a ball gown and purple hair?

Maz Kanata is literal “phoning” her role in.

Reys training… Luke is being a dick.  The cross cut editing… I’ve never seen this is a Star Wars movie before.  Lucas would NOT do that. But… I liked it.

Canto Bright, duplicates that infamous silent move shot- the camera impossibly trucks through the crowd, if it were dolly track wouldn’t the camera bump into people?

It feels more like a Terry Gilliam film than Star Wars.  Those bull / racehorse things….  very prequel CGI looking.  Freeing the slave animals, very SJW…  and neither the animals nor the actors riding them felt real. This could have been a scene from the Phantom Menace.

I want to scream at the screen. If these two could get away why not take Leia and or the Admiral with them? And many of the resistance… wouldn’t Kylo and Snoke “sense” that Leia was no longer aboard and give up the chase? And take off after HER….?

Luke tried to murder his nephew in his sleep? Luke who saw the good in his father, NAY in someone he and HEARD was his father but wasnl;t sure, he’d been lied to about his father by his aunt, his uncle, by his mentor Ben…. he couldn’t be sure about Darth Vader, no he could be sure that Vader WAS the second most evil person in the galaxy. he tried to turn HIM but not his sweet young nephew?

He was probably there at his nephews birth. Cuddled him and played with him as he grew up.

Whatever it was he saw Kylo do that was so … evil so … dark side, wouldn’t  he think to try and guide him back?

Then again, maybe Luke DID try before he decided it was hopeless and he needed to off him.

Rey seeing herself in funhouse mirrors, felt more Harry Potter than Star Wars.

The battle in Snokes throne room?  Am I watching a 70s kung fu movie?

That Darth Vaderey droid- love it!  Boy the Empire sure LOVES illogical and dangerous chasms on their ships don’t they?

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