Whatever happened to Rife Kimler?


Attorney Rife Kimler was very helpful to me when I was making my documentary THE LEAST OF MY BROTHERS.


He had represented Cleveland Texas KKK Grand Dragon Charles Lee and help convince Lee to appear in my documentary. Charles Lee was at first reluctant to be interviewed  for my film. I guess I can understand his skepticism. Who was I?  What was I up to?

Although I strongly disagree with the Political Far Right’s views on race, I am very grateful to both of them for their help on my film.

It is easy to guess a Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragons opinions on race, but I never heard Rife Kimler say anything either way about Race relations. When I was at his office I saw quite a few African Americans coming and going, and Rife sat with a bunch of Black folks at a screening of my documentary in Beaumont Texas.

Out of curiosity, I googled his name and found:








“Rife Kimler, an attorney and Republican candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, was arrested Wednesday on felony charges of cocaine possession.

This came a week after Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Giblin said Kimler approached him and told him he had bought cocaine. Giblin related Kimler’s statement to narcotics officers.

“It’s the most unusual case that I’ve seen,” District Attorney Tom Maness said in a story in Thursday’s Beaumont Enterprise. “Why he decided to turn himself in, I have no idea. It’s really bizarre.”





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