A really obvious scam

How stupid would ANYONE have to be to fall for an email this blatantly fraudulent:

Hello,I am Glad to hear from you,I really appreciate your response. I am interested in your WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY service on (May 28 2018) I'm presently out of the states for business because i work on contract basis with United States Environmental Protection Agency on a private research work,i want things to go smooth and perfect before my return.I already made proper arrangements on how the deposit payment will get to you, I will be sending you $4300 for the deposit money to hold the date for me because I hate disappointment. The deposit money will be sent to you as soon as I received your details for the transfer, phone number,apartment number I check my email often and will reply ASAP. I will be looking forward to receiving the information on the transfer.
Bank Name:
Acct Number:
Routine Number:
Bank Address:
Your Full address:
User Name And password:
Your Cell Phone Number:
Account Type: Checking or Savings (A checking account is more preferable)
Thanks and kindly let me know if you receive the message so that I would know we are communicating and still on the same line.
Best Regards,

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