Universals Monster Avengers


Universal Studios wanted to make a superteam of their classic monsters, Like Marvel’s Avengers.


They are failing. Maybe its because their last Dracula and Mummy ( Tom Cruise) movies were bad and bombed.


Maybe part of the problem is that the Classic monsters have been so cheapened by their appearance on cereal boxes and such that they are not powerful fear icons any more?


Freddy Krueger stopped being scary after he became a pop culture icon.https://www.pinterest.com/pin/18647785926974383/


Maybe its too late now, but one way they could have done that would have had Brendon Frasiers mummy hunter character run into Benicio Del Toros wolfman at the end of a Mummy movie.


I wasnt crazy about the Brendan Frasier Mummy films, I felt they were light weight Indiana Jones copies more than a Universal Horror film.


But I still think that Benicio Del Toros Wolfman movie was the best of all the recent resurrections of old montsers ( ” I Frankenstein” GAG!)


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