Victoria and Abdul movie review

Just saw the British remake of “Driving Miss Daisy”- oops I mean “Victoria and Abdul

Not bad, pretty good, but emotionally didn’t move me much.

Just what you’d expect…. Oscar bait……

Judi Dench is of course very powerful in the part of playing the Queen of England ( she always is…. lol!  HOW many times has she played the Queen? of England?).

Everyone else is good. Lots of foggy cinematography, period costumes and stuffy British accents. Conspicuous Oscar bait all around. Like an overlong episode of Downton Abby.


It also reminded me a bit of the Shirley MacLaine  /  Nicholas Cage movie “Guarding Tess” about the tumultuous relationship between a widowed former First Lady and her Secret Service bodyguard. By the end of the movie we see the real relationship between them is that she sees him as a better son surrogate than her actual birth son.


I choked up more when Hobbes died in “Arthur” than when SPOILER  Queen Victoria dies ( oh please, you couldn’t guess THATs how it ends????)

The movie makes him seem like an innocent, accidental charmer,  the below documentary hints he was a manipulative ladder climber.


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