The Florida Project

The Florida Project

This got great reviews, Oscar Buzz…… I just didn’t get what was great about it.

OMFG that movie was terrible! The life of sub white trash who live in a motel on the outskirts of Floridas Disneyworld. A hundred or so unrelated boring scenes of a scuzzy trailer trash hooker / stripper her dirty 6 year old brat and other dirtbags that float around the edges of this toilet.

NO plot until the very end….. could have maybe made an OK short film. I had to fight the urge to walk out at the first hour.

The symbolism of the millionaires helicopters buzzing past the poor people… OK we get it. We got it the first 3 times.

Little to no character development, endless redundant scenes of 3 brats getting into increasingly cringeworthy trouble…
It could have / should have been cut down to a 20 or 30 minute short film.





Saturated Colors and Screeching Children Cursing Obscenities Do Not Mix and Left Me Disappointed

Author: ecto-3 from San Diego, CA
17 October 2017

Seldom have I walked out of a preview screening. But after enduring one hour of screeching, unsupervised children, dripping obscenities as casually as they dripped ill-gotten ice cream, unsupervised by adults who were as misbehaved and irresponsible as they were, I mercifully exited the theater.

This film neither amused me, nor held my attention. I kept thinking of the times I was on a flight in which the cabin had a child or two who were constantly crying, or kicking the back of my seat, only this viewing experience was worse, because I was expecting better.

In the row to my right was a morbidly obese gentleman with a backpack on the seat next to him filled with chips and other snacks that he dipped into regularly, taking time between bites to laugh uncontrollable at the obscenity laden dialogue, as other members of the audience got up to leave in twos and threes.

This was worse than going to a restaurant and selecting something from the menu that I was sure would give me indigestion.

I go to films, not primarily to be entertained, but for the impact of drama that consists of conflicts and their eventual resolutions, that also reflect and reveal truths about myself, and the world in which I live.

Maybe I left too soon to experience any resolution of conflict, but this so-called “drama” meandered aimlessly for a full 60 minutes, while I wished that I could look out the window at the passing clouds on that imaginary flight at 35,000 feet, and order a double Jack Daniels.

I started the evening in a good mood, on a full stomach, with high hopes, and left hungry, but relieved to be out in the fresh night air.

I did briefly enjoy the fantasy created and alluded to by the lush, saturated colors with references to the Magic Kingdom, but other than that, I could not find anything to like about this very painful experience.

I may be in the minority, and perhaps this was too rarefied a creative effort for me to fully appreciate, but life is too short, and my instincts told me that I made the right decision to exit early.

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Not worth your money

Author: Joe
3 October 2017
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most annoying movie, period. Don’t waste your money! I had to watch it for a class.

It’s about a girl and her friends continuously causing trouble for their neighbors and maintenance guy. And somehow they get a way everrry single time. No lessons are learned. But I blame the mother of the girl, who’s a bad influence and can’t seem to change. Yet it ends somehow in an ideal candy-wrapped fashion. Nothing gained, nothing achieved.

The characters themselves have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Moreover, this movie has no heart, just a flat story line, not much plot, bad acting (except Willem Dafoe), weak dialogue, and just emptiness.

The cinematography is also kinda messy: a lot of tracking shots from behind and awkward framing. (I get it’s supposed to be voyeuristic look but come on, this is a visual medium, man. At least make it somewhat decent). Also, the sound design isn’t that smooth. Very noisy and rocky.

There was Q&A with the director, cinematographer and actors after the movie. The director apparently strove to capture the feeling of childhood (and also because -fun fact- he liked the Little Rascals). I’m sorry man, but this movie fails to deliver.

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Not good

Author: williammcfadden8 from United States
7 October 2017

Other than Willem Dafoe who lends solid credibility to this thing, it is almost unwatchable. I’m actually surprised children can work on a movie and be verbally assaulted and sworn at incessantly at the workplace. Even at the end of the movie when there could have been a moment of breakthrough to justify the rest of this random event, well, that too was missed. There is nothing redeeming about this unless you want to be assaulted without any insight. Simply offensive. Think about Ken Loach and what tremendous heart he would deliver with the same actors and setting.

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The instruction manual to my coffee maker has more of a storyline that the Florida project

Author: amrelsherif-43265 from Canada
22 September 2017

General Public: This movie has no storyline. This movie literally made no sense. I might not be a professional movie critic but speaking from a logical perspective, this is a movie not worth wasting your time watching

The movie’s focus is on the girl and her mother. The girls role is seriously exaggerated, no kid of that age speaks or acts like that. Her style of humour is NOT funny to begin with and the movie producers made sure to milk it! She certainly know’s how to act so the blame is not on her.

Quality over quantity, a popular saying that certainly is not applicable here. A lot of random scenes that attribute no value to the movie. Cant emphasize that enough – what on earth was the point of the old paedophile scene? Or the random helicopters coming and going? Or the random guy who helped the Motel manager move the fridge/freezer?

The mother’s acting was OK, a representation of a lower class American individual. An adult making irresponsible decisions, yes, we’ve never seen that in a movie before.

1 Good thing though is the shooting of the movie, some nice shots here and there. Very colourful, not worth watching this movie for though. Nothing out of the ordinary.

My honest and genuine advice as a regular guy who enjoys good movies: this is NOT worth watching.

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A worthless mess

Author: Don Jindra from Los Angeles
30 September 2017

I’ve walked out on two movies that I can remember. This was one of them. At this stage in my life I simply refuse to sit through a movie that has no worthwhile characters and doesn’t even try to tell a story. I lasted 45 minutes before giving up. It’s about a bunch of bratty kids who keep getting into trouble, and their parents who, not surprisingly, don’t know how to set an example. Willem Dafoe is the only watchable character and he’s not given enough to do to make him worth watching. Nothing original here. No heart. I suggest people skip this one.


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