Hitman’s Bodyguard Review


I saw the movie “Hitman’s Bodyguard ” at the Alamo Drafthouse New Braunfels last Night.

The pompous pretentious film snob in me wants to knock it BUT its good lighthearted fun.

Riggs and Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon movies are recast with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson and inserted into a Jason Stratham “Transporter” movie.

Much of it felt too “digital” and in the middle of real looking car chases they’d add clearly fake digital explosions, actors obviously green screened onto boats and such.

What saves it is the hilariously snappy dialog between Reynolds and Jackson, and they way it almost spoofs itself. Melodramatic / romantic scenes with gag tastic 80s power ballad music underneath, impossible stunts that aren’t played for a joke, but it comes close.

Samuel Jacksons character was clearly written FOR him, its like he is spoofing Samuel Jackson. The script probably sets a record for the amount of times Jackson says “mother f–er”. Salma Hayek is almost spoofing the hot yet badass Latina stereotype.

Great cinema? No. Fun movie- yes!





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