Lawyer Commercial, Vic Feazell

Vic Feazell Lawyer Offices in Austin and Waco

(877) 948-4842


I shot this with a Canon Vixia G20 camera, a lapel mike, and a tripod and slider. I edited it in Adobe After Effects with the Lower Third Super made in Adobe Photoshop..



Vic Feazell was a District Attorney in Waco, Texas from 1983 until 1988, during which time he was involved in the investigation and prosecution of several famous cases, including the 1982 Lake Waco murders and several crimes to which Henry Lee Lucas had been linked.

He attended the Baylor Law School and received his J.D. in 1979.[1] In 1988, he resigned as District Attorney of McLennan County. In 1991, he was awarded a $58 million judgment for libel charges against Dallas television station WFAA-TV, at the time the largest libel judgment in U.S. history.[2] As a result, he was cited in the 1993 edition of Guinness World Records for largest defamation lawsuit in history. [3]

Feazell currently resides in Austin, Texas, and is an attorney with his own firm, the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C.




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