Adam West Sued over this

Adam West sued because they stole his voice and likeness. West never owned Batman but how could anyone deny that the commercial actor was copying his voice and style.


The TV actor from the 60s Batman show (Adam  West) is seeking  $Nine Million in damages the advertising agencies that made television commercials with an Adam West impersonator.

Adam West claimed that the other Batman actor used West’s “likeness, personality, voice and mannerisms” in a way that would make viewers believe they were watching West.


The TV Commercials depict the Batman and Robin characters Christmas shopping  at Zayre’s, (a chain of stores).

West’s  claims that the commercials had been shown numerous times in the United States since 1984 and that his “reputation as an actor” had been damaged.   Robert Winckler (Wests’ lawyer ) said “They just hired a person to imitate him because they didn’t want to pay for the real thing. They just can’t hire someone to look alike or sound alike.”



Tebelius said that in November, Bette Midler was awarded $400,000 in damages from the ad agency that used an ex-Midler backup singer to mimic her voice.


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