Star Trek fan film idea

Star Trek fan film/ novel idea

I learned to love Star Trek The Next Generation! I grew up living the Original Series but didn’t start to love TNG until season 3. That said, one of my favorite episodes of TNG was “ Relics,” the one where Scotty shows up on Picard’s Enterprise. At the end of the episode, Picard “ loans” Scotty a Starfleet shuttle to go where he wants. ( I never got that, Picard was responsible for that ship but it wasn’t his property, wouldn’t Starfleet want it back?)

Anyhoo=- I always wondered where Scotty went- how would he live a century ahead of his time? I had the idea for a sequel episode. The Next Generation went off the air so I could never do it, so I re imagined it as maybe a Deep Space 9 episode but I never got it written or submitted.

I thought maybe it could be a fan film, but who’s got the time and money to recreate all those sets and get lookalike actors ( yes its been done- god bless em…. but I don’t think I could do it)

I often wondered if it would work as just a novel. Then I saw that there WAS a novel that was a sequel to relics, that had some similar ideas to my own.

I just googled “ relics” and while there is a novelization of the episode

I don’t see the sequel novel. Is my memory playing tricks on me? WAS there a “ Relics II” novel or just the first one that had added story? Theres a “DYSON SPHERE” novel:

But that doesn’t have Scotty in it.

I seem to remember a scene (in a novel) where Scotty visits a museum that has the Original Enterprise bridge in it. No I don’t mean the holodeck scene.

So my story idea…. ( I know, you shouldn’t never tell your story ideas to anyone so that they don’t get stolen, but I’m no shakespeare so I’ll take a chance)

For some reason Picard sees a ship approaching his Enterprise D…. his crew can’t scan what it is. They think its Starfleet but it doesn’t give off any current StarFleet signals. They look at the view screen and see…

The Original Series Enterprise?!?!?

They scan the front saucer section and it isn’t the Enterprise, its another ship from that era ( I have a question about that for all of you…. later).

The Enterprise D. sends out a hail, and the Enterprise D’s Screen is filed with the face of… Scotty!

He announces that he is The captain of The “ USS _______” with some guests to bring aboard the Enterprise D.

The reason broo-hahaha about Star Trek fan films from CBS gave me an idea as to WHY there are visitors to the Enterprise.

Theres an intergalactic scandal involving gold pressed latinum. It seems a certain planet has been making copyrighted Golden statues but that people all over the Galaxy have been buying these statues and re melting them and remaking them into new works of art. Theres going to be a conference on the Enterprise as to whether this should be allowed to continue, does the original creator have the right to maintain control of their creations after they’ve been sold? Do consumers have the right to make their own art from art that they’ve bought? ( Uhh gee, what kind of analogy could I possibly be making? tee hee hee).

Scotty has been hired to transport the copyright owners the conference, other ships arrive bringing other litigants to the conference.

One of the other ships has Lwaxanna Troi, her people have been active in remaking the statues. Picard groans in anticipation of the antics he knows she’s going to cause.
 photo menage-lwaxanapicnic1.png
Onboard Scotty’s ship, on the bridge a call comes in “shuttle bay Doors have a defect, we’ll have to fix it before our guests can leave”
The first officer then is about to assign an engineering repair crew to the work on the shuttle bay doors.
Scotty cuts in” Don’t you dare, Ill go down and fix it myself. I don’t trust any of you! I’ve been working on ships like this a century before you were born”

Dissolve, we see Scotty has fixed the shuttle bay doors, and one of his crew takes his seat to pilot the shuttle to the Enterprise D.
Scotty cuts in with “Get up Laddie, I piloted that shuttle all by myself for years, I know it better than you, I’ll pilot it myself!”

Scotty and his guests flies aboard the Enterprise D in the Shuttle that Picard gave him. He wants to give the shuttle back. “Its a great little shuttle but I’ve got my own ship now”

Scotty talks with Geordi and Picard about his ship. Scotty explains that its an old Federation ship that was badly damaged in battle and was going to be recycled for scrap parts for other ships. Via a bureaucratic foul up Starfleet simply FORGOT the ship was in a Federation scrap yard and it stayed there’d floating in obscurity in the back of a scrap yard for a century. (I’m thinking of the Federation scrap yard seen in “Unification”).

Also, Scotty checked his bank accounts and it turns out that there was one his family didn’t know about and it had a little bit of money that with compound interest over a century now has a fortune. That and his Starfleet retirement back pay he had enough money to just BUY the broken ship and with his peerless skills with ships of that era he pieced it back into working order and now runs a cargo / transport business. he hired some ex- star fleet members to be his crew and help him run the ship and the business.

I plan on touching on the THEORY that Picard expounded on in the film “ First Contact” . I don’t buy Picard’s theory that there is no money in his time. I am sure Picard likes to BELIEVE that, but it just isn’t so. Just look at the Ferengi. I can remember Spock in “Errand of Mercy” babbling on about how much their Starfleet training cost. Just as Vulcans really WANT to believe they have no emotions, but they clearly do… Starfleet, or at least everyone around Starfleet, uses money… I also remember a deep space nine episode where Odo figures out that a Klingon was using money to weaken his enemy.

Scotty asks LaForge and Picard for their help in something. Scotty thinks members of his crew are trying to kill him, or at least sabotage him. Things are breaking all the time on his ship, and he thinks the crew is responsible. Picard assigns Data and security Chief Worf to help look into it.

Lwaxanaa Troi keeps flirting with all the delegates at the Conference. Deanna Troi explains to a female Klingon ambassador about her mother and her ferocious “husband hunt” and how she embarrasses her by approaching men. The Klingon is surprisingly sensitive, saying he understands her mating frustrations, how Klingons mate, how they mate for life in devoted rituals. And how she might admire how strong a man would have to be to be married to a woman like Lwaxanaa. The Klingon points out that Deanna can’t stop every man from getting close with her, and that eventually she will succeed in finding the right man. Doesn’t Deanna want her mother to eventually find a good man.

The conference has a lot of arguing about who has the right to a creative endeavor. Don’t the people who buy it and support have the right to alter it and make something new with it?

Worf and Scotty are aboard Scotty’s ship. Worf is scanning the security camera logs. He is trying to synch up times of repairs with video recordings, but it becomes apparent someone has cut out the video of what happened. Scotty’s ship looks just like the Original series Enterprise but with lots of little modifications. Its got the original square Captains chair and the helmsman desk is the same but the displays are different. The computer screens on the bridge have been replaced with newer ones that look just like the ones on the enterprise D. Its got the base of the old style ships but little upgrades everywhere.

“She may not be a commissioned Starship anymore, but to get Starfleet contracts they keep making me get get new upgrades to meet safety standards. I’ve had to turn this ship inside out, theres no touch of the original guts of this ship left anymore.”

Theres an announcement over the intercom that an engineering team is needed in the mess hall. Scotty Says “ I better see to it myself, these fools don’t know what they’re doing”

Worf Interviews Scotty’s First Officer. He was a star fleet officer who upon retirement took the job running Scotty’s ship. Most of the crew are ex star fleet. The first officer explains that while Scotty is great at keeping a ship running, he doesn’t know how to run a ship. Scotty was the best engineer of his time, but this isn’t his time anymore. He resists upgrades, he’d rather be fixing things than doing administrative tasks that need to be done. he’s a great engineer but not a great captain. Why didn’t Kirk promote him to captain back in the day? He knew he was a great engineer but not Captain material.

Scotty is Back aboard the Enterprise D and sees that Lwaxaanas shuttle isn’t working right. Scotty offers to look into it. He notices that Bajoran Technology is a lot like the kind he knows. Lwaxaana is impressed. One of Lwaxaana’s crew cuts his hand and Scotty escorts him to sick bay. One of the conference attendees got drunk on illegal ale and is being sexually rude to Dr. Crusher. Scotty decks the man and makes him apologize.

The conference collapses, the Creators of the statues insist they’ll take legal action against anyone who modifies their statues while the other attendees ins is they will continue to make modifications as they like.

Worf has Scotty’s first officer and 2 others from Scotty’s crew in the Enterprise D conference room. They are shown the evidence. They confess that they have been sabotaging the ship but with good reason. Scotty is great at fixing broken things but not interested in running the ship. They try to keep the ship running but Scotty insists its HIS ship and he should be in control. They keep breaking little things to keep him busy so he’ll leave them alone to run the ship. They need to distract him.

Picard says they have no jurisdiction in this matter but even as a retired Starfleet officer he still has an oath to his duty, he is honor bound to confess to Scotty what they’ve been doing.

The group, Picard, Worf, Geordi, Riker, Deanna and Scotty’s crew are in the shuttle bay and see Scotty telling Lwaxnna about the repairs he did. Lwaxaana is clearly smitten with Scotty, he is clearly her next “ target” for a husband.
Deanna says “ Oh no I have to stop this”
Riker grabs her arm “ Why? She has to pick someone eventually. Why not him?”
Geordi says “Even from his day, he was an old school gentleman of the highest order”
Riker “ he had the finest service record in all of star fleet….”
Scotty’s First Officer : “ He believes his ship is his lady, and he always takes care of his lady to the best of his ability”
Scotty’s other crew member: “If he takes an oath to take her as his lady, he’ll be totally devoted to taking care of her”

Riker “ Your mother will be in good hands”

Deanna looks at Picard. He is close mouthed but its written on his face that he thinks this is a good idea.

Deanna “ You just want her married off so she won’t be in the way anymore, and you (to Scotty’s crew) just want Scotty to be distracted!”

Riker: “ It isn’t your decision to make, its hers, but, it would do both!

Deanna “She’ll drive him crazy”
Geordi “ And He’ll drive her crazy”
Scotty’s First Officer : “Yeah like all married couples”


Uggh! This is the first time I’ve written it all down. I’ve had these scraps of ideas for over a decade. No… since 1992….. Whoah!
I just re read what I wrote, This draft is a mess. It can only get better with re writes.

Here is where I need my fellow Trek fans help. I love Trek but I bet a lot of you know more than me.

Some questions:

Can you name an Original Series ship, or ships, that were damaged beyond repair? I could just make up a name but why not use a ship that was wiped out ( by the doomsday machine or something?).
Hmm google just told me the Doomsday machine damaged the USS Constellation. would that work or is it in trek canon that something else happened to the Constellation. No wait…. the Constellation is blown up at the end of that episode. SLAP! Ok name another ship.

Can you think of a race of people in the Trek universe who might be the ones protecting their gold statues? Any artist class people whose name I should use?

Any star trek characters / races who would be the main alterers of the statues?
OR…. is there something in Trek lore that would be better to use than just gold statues?

Any Canon mention (other novels, shows) of what happened to Scotty after RELICS?

Why should you help me write my fan fiction? Why not? You can if you want…. or not..


I am also thinking that instead of a fan film…. make it as an audio play. Almost like an old time radio serial. OR…. kind of like those story records from the 1970’s:


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