I went to see it at the Bob Bullock IMAX.   I can’t believe they still fall for that ” I lost my college ID” baloney.

What would have been the opening scene of  any other sci fi movie is the whole movie…..

A bright young boy from the early 60’s is recruited into some (SPOILER) extra dimensional think tank for genius spirits…

then a bright young high school girl is is recruited into the same think tank ….

the Matrix meets Men in Black meets …. the Lego Movie …. meets last years INTERSTELLAR..

with a touch of IRON MAN2 ( well the whole NYC worlds fair thing)

So Hugh Lauries characters pessimism CAUSED the end of the world……?  And that teen girls optimism cured it?

The one clever idea, as the girl says something optimistic the doomsday percentage went down, and when she watches the “future TV” and says something positive the monitor shows a few frames of a bright future…

They go into a sci collectibles store filled with… :  Disney and Star Wars stuff.

So when Casey and Athena the Android steal that poor mans pickup truck in Houston Texas…. Casey falls asleep until they get to New York State and the trucks windshield is repaired and the license plate switches from Texas to to New York?

A well intentioned mess I really WANTED to like but couldn’t!

Like a lot of big budget sci fi films, the animated closing credits was the best part!

I went to look for THAT online and found THIS (below) that looks pretty good:


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