John Lennons OTHER stalker?

We all know John Lennons life was cut short by an obsessed fan. A kook disappointed that Lennon was just a man and not the perfect messiah that he (the kook) imagined him to be.

In the documentary  “Imagine: John Lennon” (1988) we see some footage of a fan who had camped out at Lennons house. He wanted to talk to Lennon about his songs and if they were written about HIM. John said the song in question was actually written by Paul McCartney and that he was reading too much into the lyrics. Then Lennon invited the fellow in for breakfast.

How nice of him. Most other celebrities would call the cops or have their private security chase them off. Part of me wonders if Lennon would have acted that nicely if there wasn’t a film crew there.

I just read an internet rumor that some people think that THAT fellow who snuck onto Lennons estate can also been seen in the audience when John and Yoke were guests on the Dick Cavett show.

They look a little bit alike. Mainly the hair. But the guy in the Cavett audience has a thick New Yawwwk accent and a thinner face than the guy at Lennons house. And the house stalker doesn’t sound like he’s from New York.

same guy?


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