My Cover Letter to be an interviewer for Time Life:

My Cover Letter to be an interviewer for Time Life:

I would like to work for you as a Freelance Interviewer.

I have been a filmmaker and interviewer for almost 20 years.
This documentary was the result of 5 years of research and interviewing on my part:

And I have done many other interviews over the years:

This is an interview I did with a book author:

I was a Private First Class in the NJ Army National Guard ( I went to Airborne School) and have been a voracious military and ww2 buff:
This is a WW2 themed cartoon I animated and produced:

I am willing to “live” a project, I can easily conduct the 12 interviews, upload the materials, and can “telecommute” with the project managers.

I have used a variety of high tech scanners and AV equipment.
As a wedding videography, I have uploaded footage via google drive and or their own proprietary web apps.

I live in San Antonio and can easily commute. I would love to develop a relationship with the author.
I know how to address retired Officers and NCO’s in the proper manner.

Currently I am a freelancer, and can work part time whenever you like.


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