Book Trailers

I can help promote your book by combining animated graphics, video and music into an exciting book trailer.

Most of this was created using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, with some Flash/Animate work.

Here are some samples of what I do:

Book Trailer for “I was a Teenage Conspiracy Freak” by Fred Litwin:

Book Trailer for “On the Trail of Delusion,” By Fred Litwin.

Book Trailer for Fred Litwins third book on JFK assassination conspiracy theories, “Film Flam. Oliver Stone the demagogue of Dealey Plaza”

Book Trailer for “Jailed For Kennedy” by Fred Nicholas Ciacelli.

Wow! Am I sensing a pattern here? This is a non JFK related book I promoted!

Book trailer for “Winnie and Thunderrose “Book Trailer” by Herman Franck

I moved the images around with Photoshop and After Effects but I did not do the original pencil artwork.

A demo/Spec piece for a new book “The Oswalds” By Paul R. Gregory. (NOT officially authorized).


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