Debunking the JFK “mysterious deaths”


JFK conspiracy theorists say that many key Kennedy assassination witnesses were suspiciously killer to silence them.

Its easiest to look at who WASN’T Killed ( or intimidated into silence)… Marguerite Oswald would tell anyone who would listen, (book authors, magazine/newspaper writers, TV producers, filmmakers) that her son was a government agent, Marina Oswald switched to the CT side in the 80s ( so much with threatening to deport her if she didnt parrot the Warren Commission) , SM Holland said he saw a puff of smoke, Jean Hill wrote a book about seeing a gunman on the knoll, Bill Newman went on local TV to say he thought the shots came from behind him….. Aquila Clemons told Mark Lane she saw two men who looked nothing like Oswald, Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Jim Marrs all lived long lives and no one did anything to stop them from repeating their stories.

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