That Jack Ruby “Confession”

Whatever it is that hes talking about, if these “powerful forces” “we have so much to gain” by learning about …. were the real CIA or imaginary neo-nazis….
think about this…

Conspiracy Theorists often speak of the “Two Conspiracies”

First, the conspiracy to kill JFK, second- the conspiracy to cover up evidence of the first conspiracy.

They say the existence of the one proves the second, the existence of the second conspiracy definitely proves the existence of the first-

I sort of agree, that IF there was the one, then there would HAVE to be the second one.

BUT if the coverup didnt happen, at least not to the degree CT’s say it did, then it undermines the possibility of the first conspiracy.

If there was a murderous effort to silence the witnesses and suppress all the physical evidence, WHY was that film crew allowed to interview JackRuby? Why wasn;t the film confiscated?

For that matter, how do you explain every conspiracy oriented book, magazine article, documentary or websites existence?

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